Northern Gothic

Old growth Michigan pine, reclaimed from the very room these photos are taken in. Old pine is better for this black stain finish. The hard wood grain resists the stain better. This creates a rich, high contrast. This is paired with my favored sand-through black stain on MDF table top. The Geodesic Dome is made custom to match in scale and style. 

The gorgeous Miranda Sharp of Glitter Milk Gallery helps to model the scale of the set. See and follow her tumblr

Middle Way Bench

I am always seeking a unity between ornament and utility. The seat of this bench is of yellow pine, hammered for durability and tactile interest.The frame is made from Ash and includes a White Oak tenon with a reveal. Revealing the beauty of the structural elements allows the viewer to gain an appreciation for the construction of an object.  

Ornamentation can and should matter.